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Theater Grant

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The Popp Martin Student Union has created a Theater Programming Grant for registered student organizations to be used Monday through Wednesday during the academic year. The grant is meant to provide an outlet for diverse, culturally rich, and engaging film-based events to complement our weekly film series, increase the amount of activity in the theater, and alleviate financial concerns for student organizations who would like to show films for the UNCC community.

Funding awarded through the theater grant comes in the form of the acquisition of a movie license, which is worth roughly $300-$600. Organizations will need to pay for the AV technician and may need to pay additional shipping fees. Student organizations are encouraged to submit an application for the grant on a rolling basis. Grant applications are reviewed by the Theater Committee weekly.

To browse potential movie choices, please visit the Swank website.  To see a list of eligible movies, click on "Markets" and select "College Campus Events" then "Movies & TV". Any movies that are under this category and say "Available Now" or have a "Pre-Home" date prior to the date for the potential screening date are eligible.

Any grants that are cancelled are subject to additional fees.


  1. Visit Swank to see if a movie you would like to show is eligible for the grant. 
  2. Reserve the movie theater through CRES.
  3. Once the space is confirmed, submit a Movie Theater Grant Application at least a month prior to the event. 
  4. Once the grant has been confirmed, start marketing and promoting the event on campus.  This is at the responsibility of your organization.
  5. Provide additional information or clarification to the Assistant Director and CRES about the set up and the event structure.
  6. On the day of your event, arrive 15 minutes early to meet the AV Technician who will be assisting the showing.
  7. Monitor the entrance of the movie theater and keep count of the guests you have in attendance.
  8. At the end of the event, let the AV Technician know how many guests were in attendance, and complete any final wrap-up, if necessary.

For additional information about the Theater Programming Grant, please contact Desmond Brogsdale,, Assistant Director, Operations for the Popp Martin Student Union.