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Campus Resources

Student Employment

Responsible for providing direct customer assistance and event support within the Popp Martin Student Union. This support includes but is not limited to: room set ups according to space assignment instructions, audiovisual connection setup in meeting rooms, various cleaning tasks within event spaces using environmentally safe cleaning chemicals, operating cleaning equipment such as vacuums, wiping, mopping, squeegeeing, emptying trash and assisting with minor room maintenance tasks as needed, meeting and greeting customers and guests and offering friendly and knowledgeable customer service, acting as a liaison between customers, reservations, and building services to ensure event success, resolving all customer concerns in a timely manner, ensuring all guests are comfortable and safe, and monitoring events to ensure they are conducted within the parameters of University and Student Union policies and guidelines. Employees must be able to stand for long periods of time. Some heavy lifting is required. Attention to details and good customer service skills is essential.

Responsible for distributing daily deliveries, maintaining delivery databases and logbooks. Assists with the loading/unloading of trucks. Manages all traffic inbound/outbound of dock area. Prepares packages for shipment & return. Coordinates with Waste Management & Recycling Services. Manages the vehicle check out system. Responsible for general upkeep and cleanliness of dock areas. Some heavy lifting may be required.


As a student employee in the Popp Martin Student Union and the Cone University Center there are a number of expectations, requirements and benefits.


  • Follow the dress code
  • Wear your name tag
  • Greet and assist guests
  • Work in a team environment with both students and professional staff
  • Have a knowledge of the Popp Martin Student Union, Cone University Center and UNC Charlotte
  • Be responsible for your shift to ensure you provide coverage


  • Must be enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student at UNC Charlotte
  • Attend training sessions and area meetings
  • Maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA (2.3 for managers)
  • Be "in good standing" with the University
  • Work in a team environment

At the student union we believe that you will learn valuable skills while working here. The following transferable skills are taught and developed over the course of employment. 

By actively participating in student union committees and events, students will demonstrate effective communication and interpersonal skills by collaborating with diverse groups of peers. Through involvement in community service projects organized by the student union and organizations students will develop a strong sense of civic responsibility and engagement.


  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Problem-solving
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Leadership and Initiative

"While working at the Student Union and Cone, I learned about the importance of collaboration and teamwork among a group of people. As building manager I have the opportunity to oversee the different departments that come together and make a moving difference at the Student Union and Cone. My team is important to me and learning about what they do and how we can help each other is valuable when collaborating". - Bri M.

"Some learning outcomes that I acquired while working at the Student Union and Cone Center include the importance of building interpersonal relationships with colleagues, being able to problem solve in high-pressure situations, and maintaining respect and empathy in my leadership style." - Abby

"While working at the student union it has helped me develop effective communication skills, I am now comfortable and confident while speaking with people, my decision making skills and leadership skills have also improved." - Sudhanshu

"While working in the Union/Cone I have learned problem solving skills in terms of tech troubleshooting and assisting patrons in difficult situations. I have also learned leadership, team management, and teamwork skills by overseeing other student employees." - Bri F.