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Training & Workshops


Student employees are required and paid to attend two large training sessions each year. In August, student employees are required to attend a two-day training and team building session. Student employees will arrive early to campus for the Fall Semester. During the session, employee meals and on-campus housing are covered by the department. The January training session takes place the Friday before classes start and is approximately three hours in length. Both of these sessions are mandatory. 


Periodic workshops and/or staff meetings will be held throughout the year as in–service training or staff development. Employees will be compensated for attending all training sessions as part of the current pay period. Training hours will be considered as part of the employee’s maximum twenty (20) scheduled work hours per week.

Student Employee Workshop Requirements
  • Recommended completion of 3 training/workshop sessions per semester (does not include August/January training)
  • At least one training MUST be a PILOT approved workshop or lecture
  • Training sessions, workshops, etc. must be approved by and reported to your supervisor during the same month that you complete it. 
  • You should turn in the PILOT worksheet or signed document (signed by presenter or PILOT representative) to the Leadership &  Community Engagement Office, located on the 2nd floor of the Union. 
  • Each approved session only counts as one no matter the length of time it takes to complete.
Examples of Supervisor approved training sessions
  • Safety training of some sort (i.e. lift safety. See supervisor for details)
  • Departmental Cross Training
  • Approved Skill Port programs
  • Attending a conference (must be pre-approved, documentation of attendance required)