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Campus Resources

Chapter 1: General Conduct


All users of the Popp Martin Student Union must agree to comply with UNC Charlotte rules, regulations, and policies ( Users must also comply with appropriate state and federal laws, and fire and police department rules and regulations. Popp Martin Student Union staff reserves the right to take necessary and appropriate action to protect the safety and well-being of the facility, property within the facility, and the patrons who are using or visiting the facility.


The Popp Martin Student Union adheres to the nondiscrimination policies set forth by the university:


1.3.1 The Popp Martin Student Union Director shall establish the hours of operations for the Student Union and its various units at the beginning of each academic year.

1.3.2. Approval for any space used beyond the normal building opening or closing hours must be approved by the Director or the person(s) appointed by the Director. Requests related to meetings and events in the Popp Martin Student Union should be facilitated through Conferences, Reservations, and Event Services (CRES) and the event reservation process.

1.3.3. Written approval by the Director is required for use of the building on days this building is designated to be closed. Hours will be posted on the Popp Martin Student Union website and are subject to change for and in preparation of university holidays and closures.


1.4.1. Spaces at the Popp Martin Student Union may not be set up or decorated in any manner without prior consent from the Assistant Director of Operations or designee. The Assistant Director of Operations or designee must approve the location and type of special decorations, balloons (required to be weighted), banners or signs (indoor and outdoor). This includes tape and adhesives on items or surfaces in the Popp Martin Student Union. Standard building signage must not be covered or otherwise obstructed. All exit doors, exit lights, fire sprinkler heads, fire alarm pulls, fire extinguishers and other emergency or safety equipment must be kept free of obstacles or decorative material and remain visible. All decorations must meet the standards of the UNC Charlotte Environmental, Health and Safety Fire Prevention Plan, Section 8. The Popp Martin Student Union is not responsible for the loss of any materials, displays, gifts, favors or other items left in the building. Please note the following items that are not permitted in the Popp Martin Student Union:

a)  Straw or other dry plant material 
b)  Special effects equipment, such as smoke, oil-based fog and fire machines, sparklers, etc.
d)  Confetti, glitter, rice, dance wax, powder or similar materials
e)  Any paint, chemicals or liquids that can damage the facility 

1.4.2. The Popp Martin Student Union asks that clients do not hang signs advertising an event throughout the building. Easels and sign holders are available to guests and clients for this purpose. Post-event cleaning and damage fees may apply if reported by building staff and will be billed to the organization. Any special needs for decorations, exhibits and displays beyond the scope of this policy must be approved by the Popp Martin Student Union Director.

1.4.3. Items used as props or other forms of must also receive approve from building staff prior to their use. Patrons will be asked to remove unapproved props. Failure to comply can result in the ending of the event and/or loss of privileges.


The Popp Martin Student Union provides access to public-use computers within the facility. Users must adhere to the ITS Standard for Responsible Use policy: Locations for these computers are the 1st Floor: Adjacent to the Information Center and Mezzanine Level: Near the elevators.


Events may not interfere with or disrupt other events or activities in the building. At their discretion, Popp Martin Student Union staff may check sound levels during sound checks or during the event. Building staff reserve the right to determine appropriate sound levels for events and ask for them to be adjusted. Failure to comply can result in the ending of the event or activity and/or loss of privileges for future events or activities.


Unless approved by Popp Martin Student Union staff, non-event spaces, including lounges, public spaces, and thoroughfares are to remain open for use for their intended purpose. Events are not allowed to occur in the following spaces without prior approval from Popp Martin Student Union staff and CRES: Rotunda, Art Gallery/Piano Lounge, Mezzanine, Norms, Norms Loft, 2nd floor lounge space, 3rd floor lounge space, 3rd floor patio terrace and Ascent Statue patio (east patio). Removal of existing furniture, fixtures, and/or d├ęcor is at the discretion of the building staff. Requests for lounges and non-event spaces should be made 21 days prior to the event and will follow policy 4.4.3. All requests will be reviewed within 10 business days of the request. 

Requests made under 60 days that may impact building operations, including dining operations, could be scheduled in an alternate available reservable event space or denied.

Groups are encouraged to hold all event marketing until the event has been approved by both the Popp Martin Student Union Building staff and the CRES office.

See Use of Space & Reservations Policy (Chapter 6).