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Chapter 5: Posting


5.1.1.The Popp Martin Student Union provides various locations for the posting of printed material in and around the facility for student organizations and affiliated groups. Materials may be posted in these locations only. Content or event promotion must be of student interest or student-oriented in natures, and must be open to all students and/or a broad segment of the campus community. Materials are subject to university policy: Sale, Solicitations, Distribution of Materials, and Campus Displays ( as well as CRES and building policies.

5.1.2. Content inconsistent with the mission of the Student Union and/or the University will not be allowed and is subject to immediate review by the Student Union Director and/or Student Union Advisory Board, and subsequent removal if necessary by Student Union personnel.

5.1.3. Damage to walls or other surfaces resulting from violation of this policy will require that the organization and/or individual responsible pay the costs of repair. Parties responsible for posting materials in unauthorized spaces will receive a written notice on their first offense. Subsequent offenses could result in the loss of posting privileges. Purposeful damage to any posted materials is a violation to the code of student responsibility, and cases will be directed to the Dean of Students office for further review.

5.1.4. Information Center & Kiosks
The Information Center accepts flyers, handouts, brochures and similarly approved publicity materials for display at the Information Center welcome counter.
The Information Center provides display stands (E-clips) upon request on a first-come, first-served basis for day-of-event informational or directional signage.
Information Kiosks are located on the first and second floors. Posters and flyers must be submitted to the Information Center for posting. Installation and removal of materials will be performed by Student Union personnel only. Materials may be submitted one month prior or up to the event date.

5.1.5. Indoor Banners
Limited space for banners in the Student Union Rotunda is available by reservation through CRES.
Reservations must be made at least 14 days in advance of installation. The duration of a reservation is one week; a week begins Monday and ends Sunday. Limit two consecutive weeklong reservations per event.
Banners must be received in the Student Union CRES Office no later than 12 PM on the Friday prior to the reserved week.
Banners must be constructed of paper or vinyl. Wood, cardboard, fabric, glitter or other similar type materials are not permitted due to fire and safety hazards.
Two banner sizes (horizontal in orientation) are accepted: 3’(h)x5’(w) and 3’(h)x10’(w). Any exceptions to these sizes will be based on space availability.
Installation and removal is performed by Student Union personnel only. Banners will be available for pickup in the Student Union CRES Office for one week after removal. At the expiration of this time period, any unclaimed banners will be discarded.

5.1.6. Outdoor Banners
The designated location for Student Union outdoor banners are the two columns at the south (front) main entrance to the Student Union. Banners will only be hung vertically on the columns; no horizontal placement between the columns will be allowed.
Outdoor banners may only be secured to the building using the mounting hardware installed on the building.
Banners must be constructed of fire protected fabric colored vinyl with reinforced top and bottom edging.
One banner size (vertical in orientation) is accepted: 22-24’(h)x5’(w).
The use of the Student Union Outdoor Banner location is limited to Student Union Offices and Programs.
Only banners promoting significant campus-wide events and/or annual Student Union Programs (e.g.: Welcome Week, Homecoming, Haunted Union, etc) will be considered for posting.
Installation and removal is performed by Student Union personnel only.
For installation of all other outdoor banners on campus grounds, contact CRES for assistance to coordinate with UNC Charlotte Facilities Management.

5.1.6. Exterior Ground Signage
For the purpose of this policy, exterior signage is defined as A-frames and yard signs.
A-frames are permitted on the front (south) and back (north) patios, and designated walkway areas where they do not impede pedestrian or vehicular traffic, in accordance with UNC Charlotte Facilities Management policies. 
Yard signs are permitted in the front (south) Student Union grounds designated by building staff. Groups should check at the Student Union Information Center for approved locations.
Exterior ground signage is permitted for campus student organizations, departments or affiliated groups with activities or events hosted on campus.
Reserving organizations or individuals are responsible for supplying their own exterior signage that meets UNC Charlotte Facilities Management specifications; see CRES for details.
Reservations are available on a first-come, first-served basis; however, advance reservations are encouraged. It is required that groups provide contact information at the Information Center.
Student Union building staff may remove or relocate exterior signage if it impedes building ingress, egress or building operations.
Exterior signage is allowed 14 days prior to the event and must be removed by midnight following the next business day after the event. Any unclaimed materials are subject to removal and will be treated as Lost and Found.

5.1.7. Table Tents
Table tents or similar type table handbills are not permitted in the Rotunda, Norm’s or interior or exterior seating areas of the Student Union. Such materials will be removed or discarded by Student Union personnel.
Refer to Dining Services for table tent opportunities in Crown Commons or Union Square.


5.2.1. Student Union digital signage is primarily intended to inform visitors of events and activities held in the Student Union or promote events sponsored by the Student Union and/or Student Involvement. It also offers opportunity for UNC Charlotte officially recognized student organizations and campus departments to broadcast events or announcements in the Student Union. Events or announcements must be of student interest or student-oriented in nature, and must be open to the public or a broad segment of the campus community.

5.2.2. Broadcast-ready slides should be submitted via email to the Student Affairs Marketing Team at at least one week prior to broadcast date. Inquiring organizations are responsible for design, production, and timely submission for slides. Content will be broadcast for 14 days prior to or up to event date. Organizations and departments can submit up to three (3) total slides for concurrent rotation. Events that occur off-campus will not be permitted on the screens.

5.2.3. Before submitting your slides, please adapt your advertisement to the format of our screens. Your broadcast-ready slide must meet the following specs: Acceptable file formats: JPEG or PowerPoint; JPEG size: 1360 x 765 pixels, horizontal orientation (*equivalent to 16.667" x 12.5", or the On-Screen 16:9 option in PowerPoint); Resolution: 72dpi


5.3.1. Request for use of elevator graphics within the Popp Martin Student Union must be approved by the Director or their designee. Requests should be submitted using this form.


5.4.1. The Popp Martin Student Union provides designated space for storing donation bins in the facilities. Affiliated groups and student organizations may reserve a location through the CRES office. (see Use of Space and Reservations Policy; Chapter 6)

5.4.2. No more than two donation bins will be stored concurrently unless approved by the Director.

5.4.3. It is the responsibility of the group to provide the bins and publicize the donation drive. Donation bins will be stored in the Student Union for the duration of approved requests. Reservations for donation bins will last 14 days and groups must pick up their donation bin by close of business on the end date. If a donation bin is left past the end date, it is subject to removal and will be treated as Lost and Found.

5.4.4. Donation bins must be well maintained, presentable, and no larger than 12 cubic feet. If building staff finds the donation bins to be unkempt, the group will be notified to fix the issue or the bins will be removed and donation items reallocated.
Main elevators, 1st floor
Department administrative office suite per their director’s approval
Examples: Leadership & Community Engagement, Identity, Equity, and Engagement, and Student Government can store donation bins within their own administrative office suite.