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Chapter 4: Related University Policies

Below you will find a selection of University policies for your convenience, a complete list of University policies can be found here. Users of the facility are responsible for adhering to all University policies.


The Popp Martin Student Union adheres to the Smoking and Use of Tobacco Products on University Property Policy set forth by the university: The Popp Martin Student Union is a smoke-free building, which includes vapor products.  The designated smoking areas nearest the student union are: at the corner of Burson Hall and on the Lynch Bridge.


4.2.1 The Popp Martin Student Union adheres to the Environmental, Health and Safety Fire Protection Plan.

4.2.3. Candles are prohibited in the Popp Martin Student Union unless a written exception is granted by the Director prior to their use. Open flames are prohibited inside the facility and near adjacent to the facility.  

4.2.4. Use of canned heat for food operations is only approved for use by Chartwells, the university's approved caterer.

4.2.5. Any charges associated with the use of these items or clean up will be billed to the organization/event host.


4.3.1. The Popp Martin Student Union adheres to the Animals on Campus Policy set forth by the university:

4.3.2. Pets and animals are not permitted in the Popp Martin Student Union except:

  • Service Animals
  • Service Animals in Training
  • Police dogs on duty

4.3.3. Emotional Support Animals are not permitted in the Popp Martin Student Union.

4.3.4. Therapy animals may be approved for specific events and programs through Conferences, Reservations, and Event Services (CRES).


The Popp Martin Student Union adheres to the Alcoholic Beverages policy set forth by the University: Per Section V.B., Individual alcoholic beverage consumption is not permitted. Events requesting alcohol or alcohol sales must adhere to the policies set forth by CRES.


Solicitation of charitable donations by Affiliated Groups is permitted in accordance with the university policy: Sale, Solicitations, Distribution of Materials, and Campus Displays ( Groups must request permission via CRES and adhere to the reservations guidelines set forth by CRES and any applicable building policies. Sales is prohibited in the Popp Martin Student Union.


Weapons are prohibited at the Popp Martin Student Union. Weapons include but are not limited to, all firearms; explosive agents; fireworks; chemicals such as mace and tear gas (if used in an illegal manner); air or canister propelled guns such as BB guns, pellet guns, and paintball guns; tasers or stun guns; metallic knuckles; switchblade knives; martial arts weapons; any object or substance used, attempted to be used, or intended to inflict a wound, cause injury, or incapacitate; or any other “weapon” as defined by N.C.G.S. §14-269.2

Edged instruments that are articles of faith (e.g., kirpans) and that might otherwise be considered Weapons under this Policy are permitted on campus provided that the blade length of the article is less than three inches and the blade is worn close to the body in a sheath at all times. If individuals would like to request religious accommodations for instruments with longer blades or any other items prohibited under this Policy, they may contact the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX for assistance.

Please see the complete University policy for Weapons on Campus: